Dear BKi Members,

Rusty Glaze here to give you a few BKi Paintball updates.

But before I get into it, I first would like to take a moment to give props to Grayson Goff and Scott Kemp. They did a great job to foster a community and create training content for you, they created BKi Paintball from the ground up with the genuine passion to teach players and help you improve your game. I have always been a fan of BKi Paintball and have always supported them.

Why BKi is important to me.

So much knowledge in the game of paintball vanished with the retirements of legendary players. Great players came and left without leaving any instructions for the next generation. I would kill to have a course or pro tips from Marty Bush or Richie Mau Mau. In my time I had to learn by my own will and mostly from a lot of mistakes since there was nothing available to actually learn from. The evolution of man evolved through documenting processes, so others can learn faster. That is what BKi Paintball is doing for tournament paintball, capturing the processes the top professionals use to compete. Unlocking secrets that will help you master the game.

As you have probably heard by now, we have expanded the BKi team.

I have been positioned to help guide the ship and to help manage the talented team we have assembled (basically another coaching gig) as well as add content for both players and coaches (Coaches Corner). In case you didn’t hear, the new line up includes me (Rusty Glaze, Dynasty), Ryan Greenspan -Dynasty, Marcello Margott – Dynasty, Grayson Goff – Xfactor, Nick Leival – Impact, Nick Slowiak – Aftershock and Greg Siewers – Ironmen for the first round of PROfessors. Since we assembled the team, we have held a few meetings with all of the New Professors. We made decisions for what we need to accomplish in both the short term and the long term for BKi Paintball. We also set some expectations for our PROfessors so that we can help our members get the best results.

Photo Credit – Will Lowry at Locker Magazine

Here are a few things you can expect and a few things that will roll out this year.

Things we will continue to do:

Field Breakdowns 

We have a masterful group of players who are experts at breaking down layouts. We will have plenty of coverage to help give our users ideas on attacking layouts. All of the NXL and NXL Europe layouts will be covered. If there is interest in other league layouts, we will be open to requests as well as looking at the prior history of what leagues were covered in the past.

Webcasts / Podcasts

These will be coming back, in a similar fashion as the SpreeCast worked. We will be using U-stream to do our Live Chats. Each PROfessor will have a LIVE schedule (Office Hours) that you can follow so you get a chance to interact with them.

Written Articles

I personally enjoy reading (obviously writing too), so we are going to also have written articles in regards to training, personal PROfessor stories of success and failures. I miss the stories on Paintball Access, as well as some of Grayson’s articles he wrote in the past. We are bringing it back.

The roadmap for NEW features (not in order):

Brand New Content

We just added 6 new PROfessors to the lineup, so you can expect new content from these masterminds. Most of the PROfessors will be at the Florida combine and we will be creating and filming fresh content while we are there with them. So expect a flurry of new training videos to be released soon.


The current content is going to be re-organized. We are going to create a couple learning paths that you can follow. We are going through all of the content (as you know by now, there is a lot) and sorting out what has been covered and where the content fits into a training plan. This also helps us understand where we need to add new content right away without creating duplicate stuff. We want to make it easy for you to absorb information.

Remastered Lessons

Our PROfessors have been watching all the videos in the library. Some of the training drills will be remastered to show another take or point of view, with some of the same core concepts. We will be adding more written content and explanations that pair with the videos. We have a larger team with additional support to really polish some things up.

Printable PDF Worksheets

With new content, our PROfessors will pair a worksheet that you can print out and take with you to the playing field. The worksheet will cover key points to a drill, how to set up, instructions and an area for tracking your results. The worksheets will be useful in both improving your personal results and working with a PROfessor.

Troubleshooting / Solution Center

We are going to create a troubleshooting section that lists potential issues you might be experiencing and what drill you should focus on to improve in that area. An example would be “getting shot of my bunker” – a couple drills would be listed as potential solutions.

Learning Courses

More focused learning lessons will be created in a course format with multiple lessons, progress tracking, and certifications. Our goal is to help you learn, so we will create some structure that you can easily follow. Some courses will be very focused while some will have a mix of content like a general ed class. They will be fun to take and it will help you keep track of what you have completed. This will be a great tool for teams to assign and track progress.

Combine Events

Our vision is to have the Combine Events work hand in hand with BKi Paintball. Our PROfessors can potentially meet and greet, teach and train our members at a Combine event, and keep a relationship throughout the year. At the following Combine, they would be able to see first-hand improvements in those players. It also helps to have a face to put with a name

Coaches Corner

That’s right! I am adding an area to help coaches. I did a clinic at the Boston Combine last year and had a great time interacting with my coach peers. So I am creating a section dedicated to coaching. I will be rolling out a learning course from last years clinic, printable documents, scouting maps and other tools I use. I will be communicating with coaches and helping them problem solve. If you know a coach or someone you want to coach, spread the word to them.

Post Event Breakdowns

After each NXL we will be breaking down matches. You can sit in with us as we discuss the mistakes, the good moves, and the overall game plan executions. We will even get into the minds of some of our PROfessors for the matches they play in. This will add storylines that you won’t have access to anywhere else. It will be entertaining and educational, bring your notepad and some popcorn.

And there are more membership perks coming…

We are steady working on adding more value and creating new ways for you to improve your game. Stay tuned for even more features and updates coming soon.