I’ve recently begun working the Prime organization out of Alabama. They just sent in this video of their players drilling their snap shots and working on the slide out method I talked about in a previous post.

I wanted to point out some small mistakes I saw. Overall they executed the drill very well but as always, there’s room for improvement.

Alex – We can’t see his full body but he’s standing very straight up and down. I’d rather see him lower his stance a little so he can use his legs a bit more to slide out. It seems like he’s doing a half roll/half slide out. Engage more muscles so your reaction time can improve.

Evan – This is a perfect example to follow up what mistake Alex was making. Evan has a wider stance and is using more of his legs to slide out. I’m being picky but I can tell he’s checking his barrel ever so slightly, forcing him to reset each snap. Try and keep that gun as still as possible and make the small adjustments behind the bunker.

Mikey – Same thing as Alex. A little too straight up and down to engage all of your leg muscles. There are times when we’re forced to snap like this in a tall mayan but for the drill I’d like to see a wider base set.

Derek – Square up to the bunker. If you need to switch sides quickly to engage with the left hand, you’re creating an extra movement you have to make to switch sides. The gun is also rolling quite a bit. Remember, we want to gun to look like it’s on a rail and sliding out.

Nolan – Probably the best textbook execution out of the whole group. Gun looks like it’s on a rail, he rarely checks his barrel down. He’s also doing a great job of changing where he comes out of the bunker each time. I’m guessing he’s a nasty opponent in any snapping drill 😉

Aaron – Slow down a bit and work on snapping. When we’re setup against an inanimate object, work on correct form over speed.


What mistakes do you see Bianca make? Email me them to grayson@bkipaintball.com or post them up in the FB Group under this article!


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